I’ve been in love with photography my whole life. When I was young, my grandpa gave me one of his 35mm cameras and I used to photograph what I came across in the fields of South Dakota and delight in its appearance in the darkroom I created in my home. Light is my obsession and biggest inspiration. It brings beauty to everyday life. A splash of light on my bedroom wall or refraction from a glass of water delights me. I love this way of seeing because it shows me the magic that’s all around us that most people don’t notice. 

In the past, I’ve worked as a commercial photographer for a wide range of clients including Disney and Google. I’m active in the fine art community, showing my personal work in galleries and online. When I started photographing weddings, something clicked. I love it. The emotion, the fast pace and the authenticity speaks to everything I find exciting and meaningful. Photography is also an incredible narrative tool and I do enjoy telling a good story. My style is romantic and I’m interested in true moments of connection. My approach includes a combination of artistic portraits, thoughtful details and candid images.  

I currently live in Los Angeles with my talented boyfriend Josh & our sweet pup Taco. If I’m not shooting, I’m probably doing one of my favorite things like exploring in nature, soaking at the Korean spa, getting in a good laugh with my girlfriends or whipping up a delicious dessert.



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